What is the Tester policy?

Full sized testers are offered at 50% off wholesale price when you order 4 or more of a single item.

When ordering testers, first add 4 of original product to cart and you will be given a link at checkout to add tester at a discounted price.

You will only be able to order 1 tester per item, and any additional testers will be priced at full wholesale price.


Do you send any merchandising material with the orders?

Instruction cards and hand-cut paper tester strips for sprays are included with each order. We now offer pop-up table tents to attract customers.


Is there an order minimum?

Yes. We have a $250 minimum for new customers and $100 minimum for return customers.


What are your shipping charges?

Shipping is always free on domestic orders $250 or more! Domestic orders less than $250 are a flat rate of $13.50.


Do you offer wholesale to international sellers?

Yes. Our products are all over the world!


What are your wholesale rates?

When you order wholesale from Frankie and Myrrh, you get a 50% discount from our retail prices!


What are your best sellers? Do you have any recommendations for resale?

Our best sellers are Spray the Bitch Away/Roll the Bitch Away (some people can sell them for $24!) Besides those, the best-selling for women are Hottie By Nature, Purple People Pleaser and Hello Sunshine. We also have Study Buddy, Serenity Now!! And Hippie Go Lucky as great unisex blends.


How long does it take orders to be processed?

All orders are processed within 7 business days.  We ship all orders via USPS Priority Mail.  


I ordered from the retail site and received a little lavender sachet. Do you offer those to wholesalers?

No. Unfortunately we cannot currently offer our Lil Buddy lavender sachets to wholesalers.


Do you have any requirements to be a wholesaler?

If you are selling within California you must fill out the Resale Certificate so that we do not have to charge you sales tax.


Why do prices vary between products? 

Prices vary between products for several reasons. Some plant products are more readily available making them less expensive. Others are difficult to process into the finished product making them a bit more precious. 


What is the shelf life for your products?

Most** of our products have a shelf life of 2 years.

  **Sprays that contain Bergamot oil or Lavender Oil should be enjoyed within 15 months for optimum freshness.


Can I sell your products on Amazon?

No, currently we do not allow the selling of our products on Amazon in any country.